Test Prep Tutoring

Thank you very much for pre-exam tips/hints that you sent and the updates about the SAT exam. We have been extremely satisfied with your tutoring service. Chris Wallace did an outstanding job tutoring our son. Paul is now well-prepared and extremely confident about the upcoming SAT and ACT exams. We plan to use your service in the future for our younger son and we will definitely recommend your service to friends who are in need of a tutor. D.M., Commack, NY

Dramatic Improvement

My daughter dramatically improved her math grades and confidence under the tutoring services of Ms. Dunaieff.  She was a student that always struggled with math and in 8th grade of middle school we retained the services of Ms. Dunaieff.  After one month her math grades which were in the 60’s turned into 80’s.  After years of using tutors and my child dreading it, she now looked forward to Ms. Dunaieff sitting with her.  Unlike other tutors we used in the past, Ms. Dunaieff did not just work on current curriculum.  She would re-emphasize past lesson practices and introduce future curriculum to have a foundation for the classroom which moves at a fast pace.  All of the tutors I used in the past went over current problems so by the time my daughter understood it, the class lesson moved onto the next phase and again she was lost and needed to catch-up.  With Ms. Dunaieff my daughter knew what was going to be taught and had the foundation. 

After two years with Ms. Dunaieff, I am proud to say my daughter receives 90’s and 100’s on her high school math tests.  She no longer dreads math or math homework.  She has confidence like never before.  I have been contacted by parents of my daughters friends asking who we use and highly recommended her.   The next step will be using her for upcoming SAT preparation and I know she will be instrumental in helping my daughter achieve a score to open doors to many colleges.  We are so thankful to her and Margot Enterprises…..G.M., East Northport, NY

SAT Exam Grades

Stephanie was wonderful as a tutor for my son. My son definitely did not want to go to a group class, and I am so glad that he worked with Stephanie on a one to one basis to prepare for his test. His scores jump dramatically with her help. Stephanie takes the time to see what the student needs to work on and focuses in on that part. I am definitely going to ask her to tutor my second child next year. I highly recommend her and so does my son. He got into his first choice school. D.M. Commack, NY

Improved SAT Score

My daughter's SAT score improved once she began working with Stephanie. I would recommend Margot Enterprises to anyone looking for SAT Exam Tutoring.  The sessions were individualized and helped provide my daughter with the confidence she needed to do well on the SAT Exam. S.F. Commack, NY