School Districts

Home Instruction Tutoring

Margot Enterprises can provide short-term or long-term home instruction tutoring to any student who is out of school.  All of our tutors are New York State certified teachers.  We have special education, ESL, and severe disabilities certified teachers available at no extra cost.  All of our tutors keep a record of what is covered during each session, including topics, homework, materials used, and test grades.  This information will be available to the school.  The school can request a report online or will receive a hard copy within 2 weeks.

Request Information About a Student's Progress

A school district can request information about the progress of a student on home instruction or a student being tutored privately by Margot Enterprises.  Many parent's have agreed to have information shared with the child's school.  A report will be provided with 24 hours of when the request was submitted.  Click here to request information about a student's progress.

School Program Fundraisers

Margot Enterprises supports the local community.  We have various fundraising programs for school organizations such as PTA, sports teams, and clubs.  Contact us for more information.

Monthly Contests

Margot Enterprises runs monthly contests.  These contests are to encourage students to do well in school and reflect positively on their school and learning.  School districts are able to request the contest information in advance if they would like to inform the students about the contest.  However, we do ask that the information is not released to the students before the first of the month.

Local Homework Help Group (Kindergarten- 5th Grade)

Margot Enterprises is willing to organize a weekly homework help group.  These groups meet at the local bowling alley.  Students receive 45 minutes of homework help.  Each group has 1 New York State certified teacher and up to 7 students in the same grade.  The time slots are arranged by grade level.  While the students are not working with a teacher on their homework they will be bowling.  Dinner is also provided for the students.  The parents must signup online at least 24 hours before the session. 

Community Service Opportunities for Students

Margot Enterprises has a variety of community service opportunities available for students who require community service hours.  High School students are encouraged to assist the students bowl during the homework help groups.

Arts in Education Programs

Margot Enterprises will come to your school and run an educational and engaging program for the students.  We have programs for Kindergarten through fifth grade in a variety of subject areas.  The programs are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  All programs run for forty-five to sixty minutes and include two or three different activities.