Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?
Academic Coaching helps students to evaluate, plan, and improve academically.  Sessions can cover topics such as study skills, note taking skills, time management skills, organizational skills, goal writing, academic intervention, and behavioral intervention.  Academic Coaching will assist a student in creating an individualized plan for his or her academic success.

How will Academic Coaching help my child?
The students will learn how to analyze their own learning.  This includes meta cognition and self-reflection skills.  Academic Coaching can help build a student's self-esteem and self-confidence.  Students will stay motivated and learn to take control of their own learning.  Academic Coaches can also be an advocate for your child.

How does Academic Coaching work?
During the first session, the student and parent(s) will fill out a questionnaire.  The academic coach will review the student survey and the parent survey with the student and parent(s).  The academic coach, student, and parent(s) will work together as a team to create a plan.  The Academic Coach will lead the first session with input from the student and parent(s).  The student will go home with a specific plan to work on during the week.  For the following two weeks, there will be a brief online meeting to monitor the student's progress.  Each coaching session includes a 45 minute in-person meeting and two 15 minute online meetings.

Add-on to a Tutoring Package

1 session (45 minute in person session, two 15 minute online sessions)
Help plan and set 3 short-term goals and  1 long-term goal.
   Short-Term Academic Coaching (18 weeks)

6 sessions (six 45 minute in person sessions, twelve 15 minute online sessions)
Create a plan to focus on up to two of the topics listed.  
   Long-Term Academic Coaching (30 weeks)

10 sessions ( ten 45 minute in person sessions, twenty 15 minute online sessions)
Learn how to self-monitor one's own learning. Work on goal writing and up to three of the other topics listed.

 $50 per session    $570
Can be paid in 2 equal installments.
Can paid in 3 equal installments.